Seoul to Hold the 'Seoul Global Challenge' Contest to Find Technologies to Reduce Fine Dust in the Seoul Subway Used by 7.25 Million Passengers Per Day
Oct 24, 2019

- A competitive platform to find ways to reduce fine dust at the tunnels, platforms, and trains of the subway
- The winning teams to be awarded KRW 750 million in total and provided with a range of benefits, including the opportunity to connect with public test beds and public procurement
- Participants’ proposals to be accepted until November 22

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it will hold the Seoul Global Challenge 2019-2020 jointly with the Seoul Business Agency. The Challenge is a competitive platform aimed at finding ways to reduce fine dust in the Seoul subway.

The Challenge invites global innovators, including corporations, universities, and research institutes, who are to compete to present solutions to Seoul’s urban problems, accelerate the development of innovative technologies, and improve the quality of life for citizens.

The Challenge aims to find affordable, innovative products or solutions that can be applied immediately to effectively reduce fine dust pollution at three parts of the subway, namely tunnels, platforms, and trains.

Any individual or group who has developed or possesses products or solutions with fine dust reduction technology is allowed to enter the competition, from undergraduate and graduate students and average citizens to corporations, universities, research institutes, research associations, business associations, and industry-academic consortiums of all nationalities.

The first-place winner will be awarded KRW 500 million (USD 413,560), while the second-place winner will receive KRW 100 million (USD 82,700) in prize money.

The best teams for each area―tunnel, platform, and train― will be given KRW 50 million (USD 41,350) each. The prize winners will also be provided with various benefits, including support through the internal selection process of Seoul Innovation Growth Fund matching, connection with public test beds and public procurement opportunities, provision of an exhibition booth at the 2020 Fine Dust EXPO, and support needed to file intellectual property rights.

The participants’ proposals will be accepted until November 22. More information about the Challenge and the application process can be found on the Seoul Global Challenge website

Seoul Global Challenge Team
Monica HK SOH