Operational Offices The benefits of Serviced Offices in Hong Kong
Jul 01, 2017

When starting a business, or looking to transition into a new market, it’s important to plan for as many of the potential issues and pitfalls as you can. This can be difficult, however, as unfamiliar business landscapes come with a myriad of considerations that can be difficult to adapt to all at once.

Hong Kong, especially for those that have little entrepreneurship experience in Asia, can be especially daunting, due to demanding expectations that don’t always mimic those in other countries. This, coupled with a highly competitive market that sees a considerable amount of turnover, has meant that businesses have had to get creative when planning the success of their new ventures.

With that said, for those that are willing to put in the effort, success in Hong Kong can be incredibly valuable for business growth and development. So, how can serviced offices assist with this process? That’s what we’re here to discuss today.

Easing In

As with any large venture, establishing a company in Hong Kong comes with a variety of associated risks. Given that no business is assured success, the ability to avoid overly exorbitant expenditure at first can allow you peace of mind before you are able to find your footing.

Serviced offices offer a short stay, no obligation location for startups and companies that would otherwise be unable to commit themselves to a 12-month lease. This means that, if circumstances change and new arrangements need to be made, things don’t have to get tricky when you look to leave earlier than expected.

Finding Your Footing

Companies that don’t have a stable office space quite often aren’t financially prepared to own all of the necessary equipment they need to run on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this is hard to alleviate without the capital to back it up, which can only come from growing said business.

One of the many perks of serviced offices is stipulated in the name itself.
These services range from cleaning and maintenance to all of the equipment a company needs to operate smoothly. This includes everything from base amenities like water and electricity, work stations and stable wifi connections.

Potential Growth

Just because your business is growing, it doesn’t mean that your office space is.
The difficulty of attempting to place your workforce within the confines of a smaller office can quickly take a toll on your working conditions. This is especially pertinent for companies that find themselves going through unexpected expansion, not allowing for time to plan out future changes.

With the flexibility of serviced offices, businesses are given the chance to alter their conditions where necessary. This can include moving between larger and smaller spaces depending on the current needs of your employee base. Most serviced office solutions are priced based on size. Therefore, companies aren’t obligated to pay for space that they aren’t using and can adapt their plan to match their immediate requirements.

Strategic Location

Given that Hong Kong is centrally located at the heart of the Asia Pacific (otherwise referred to as APAC), it allows for simple transportation between other highly lucrative countries, such as Beijing and Singapore. This can be enormously useful, both for connecting with clients and taking other beneficial opportunities that could otherwise be out of reach.

Serviced offices act as a gateway for these potential opportunities, giving companies a low-risk chance to branch out and widen their reach far past that which may have been possible from their initial location. As an added bonus, given that most serviced office locations are in desirable locations, these spaces add a level familiarity and clout to your business in the eyes of clients.

So, whether you’re attempting to start a new venture in a luxurious, low-obligation workplace, or testing the waters to see if your business can expand into Asia, serviced offices in Hong Kong can be a highly valuable investment.