Great Tips to making a killer T-shirt design for any event!
May 24, 2018

Creating the perfect T-shirt is an artistic process requiring plenty of concentration. In reality, only after seeing the amount of creative energy inserted into the T-shirt making process, does one realize the true beauty of a marvelous T-shirt!

In fact, there’s more to a T-shirt than just the fabric. For starters, each and every t-shirt carries a message about one’s personality. That’s why some people will be more comfortable wearing a T-shirt of a specific kind compared to another.

That being said, how does one bring to life an artistic T-shirt that conveys the full-depths of their personality? Here are some great tips to soak in the next time a T-shirt design is in cue.

Utilizing strong PMS colors when it comes to the artwork

Every T-shirt designer has the freedom to select any kind of artwork they prefer; rel="nofollow">whether it is CMYK or RGB modes, the liberty is essentially theirs. That being said, if one plans to have the smoothest colors around, then a silk screener would be the ideal go-to option.
Plus it also makes the color separations much simpler and more distinct.

On the other hand, don’t get a printer who would charge extra money for the matching of the PMS colors.

That’s a pretty old-school way of getting extra money. Plus let’s face it; it would be doing them a favor by being more subtle about the accuracy that is required.

Converting a majority of the text into outlines

At times, the artwork of a T-shirt might need the extra touch of a very obscure font; or perhaps even a custom design font.

That being said, when delivering artwork off for print, it would be quite a bummer to discover that the desired font has been substituted for another!

Hence, by opting to convert the text into outlines, the font will remain intact.

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Designing the artwork with the actual size in mind

It’s never a smart idea to trust the printer’s judgement when it comes to determining the size before having a lengthy discussion with them first. One of the things that one has to realize is that the printer’s vision of the end result can be pretty different from the owners.

So the safest way to defend a unique design is to always create the artwork at its final size.

Incorporate vector work in the design process as much as possible

Not saying that vector is any better than raster, but vector is just much simpler to use than the latter. That’s because it makes the separation of colors much easier; not to mention how print comes out cleaner.

Just note that this is a general rule for day-to-day operations if one is looking for a faster method to create cleaner artwork. However, if raster is a forte, then as the sages have quipped for centuries, ‘each to his own.’

That being said, great artwork is the key to any terrific t-shirt. So ensure to invest in it accordingly!