aPure - 5 Hacks for Wearing Without Sweating Up a Storm
Jul 16, 2019

TAIPEI, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--It’s nothing wrong with sweat. But when it happens on your way to an important meeting or date, should you give up elegant dressing only because it's hot outside? There’re hacks to keep you away from a sweaty disaster.

Lightweight & Breathable

There are always 2 basic principles to get rid of sweat. If you can see through it a little bit when it is held, that's a good sign.

Light-Colored Cloth

Floaty, breezy, delicate fabrics, especially the white clothing will cheerfully bounce back the solar heat, and you'll be (more) comfortable on a sunny day.


Prepare something that protects any part of you from the UV, such as hats, umbrella and long-sleeve are good tools.

Avoid Silk

It may be cool to the touch, it tends to repel water instead of absorbing. Silk retains body odor. Avoid.

Avoid Wearing Pants???

YES and NO. Depends on what kind of materials of your underwear under your pants.

The Pure5.5 brand made with TENCEL™ & rayon fiber, which are the Longest Hydrophilic Weak Acid Staple Fiber that enables normal secretion of oil to protect the soft and delicate private region in comfortably cool state.

6 Key Features of Pure5.5

*Soft, sensitive, and bare.

*Keep Balancing the skin’s pH levels while wearing it

*Enhanced Breathability, Color Retention and Vibrancy

*Minimal Static Charge allows for all day comfort and moisturization

*Made with temperature regulating, quick drying, deodorizing fabrics

*Made with biodegradable raw materials from botanical origins

Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear comes in 7 collections with 31 vibrant colors are available now @ http://bit.ly/2Y5MqRU

About Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear

aPure's Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear might be the Most Elaborate Undies. As per our spirit "Enjoy a Pure Life", to surround your intimate skin with the natural material and provide best care, aPure use up to 50% of Austria TENCEL™ and high percentage of Acrylate from Japan. Features Skin pH Balancing, Quick-Dry, Excellent Color Retention, Thermal Regulation and Unfavorable for bacterial growth. Full series are designed for long-lasting softness, which also boasts of intense durability. To learn more, visit http://bit.ly/2Y5MqRU

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