Date : Nov 05, 2018 - Nov 07, 2018
Opening Hours : 9.30a.m. - 17.00 p.m.
Venue : Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Location Address :
Country : China
Organizer : Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan
Show URL :
Number of exhibitors : 400
Major Exhibits :

BOPET/BOPP Film, PET/CPP Film, PI Film, Lithium Battery Separator/Aluminum plastic film, photovoltaic film, graphene film, pre-coating film, PSA thin film, Water Treating Films, Window Film, Heat Shield Film/Vehicle Film, IMD Decorating Film, flexible package film, ceramic film, separating film, etc.

Protective Film
PE, PET, OPP and other processing protective films, electronic protective film/paper, Anti-Scratch Film, Anti Explosive Film, Anti-Glare Film, silicone protective film, anti-static protective film, construction materials protective film, and all kinds of protective films that are suitable for electronics, home appliances, automobiles, hardware construction materials, plastic packing and other industries.

Adhesive Tape
Film Based, Paper Based, Cloth Based, Foil Based, Foam Cotton Based Adhesive Tape, Organosilicone glue, casting glue, OCA Optical Adhesive, Hot Melt Adhesives, PSA, conductive tape, scotch tape, AB glue, double sided adhesive tape, industrial adhesive tape, high temperature adhesive tape, foam adhesive tape, coated laminated adhesive, self-adhesive label and other materials.

Optical Film
Optical Film, Brightness Enhancement Film, Diffusion Film, Reflective Film, Polarizing Film, Composite Film, BLU optical film including QD film, Optical Protective Film, PET Hardened Film/Anti Scratch Film/Anti Explosive Film/obstructive film, ITO Film, Optical PI Film and film used for touch screen/display screen including polaroid and naked-eye 3D.

Release Film
PP,PET,PE Release Film/ Release Paper, Coated Paper, luoro-release film, Optical Level Release Film, Mold Release and ect.

Raw Material and Chemical Plant
Raw materials and chemical products used for manufacturing functional films and adhesive tapes, additive, adhesive and glue, functional coating, Resins, Masterbatches, printing ink and other auxiliary materials.

Machinery and Processing
Equipment related to the manufacturing and processing procedures of thin films and tapes, including materials loading, coating, drying, reeling, gluing, rewinding, slitting, die cutting and packaging, including precise coating and lamenting equipment, film blowing machine, extruder, casting machine, drying equipment, rewinder, gluing equipment, striping/splitting machine, automatic chopping table, and cropping/die cutting equipment, and dispensing/pouring/gumming machine, wire drawing machine, flexible printer, preprocessing recycling device, waste gas treating machine and equipment, etc.

Introduction :

After several years of development, FILM & TAPE 2018 (FILM & TAPE) has grown into a world-renowned, influential trade exhibition. It focuses on the whole industry chain of film and tape, and mainly displays various functional film and adhesive products, as well as other related manufacturing equipment & accessories. FILM & TAPE is held simultaneously with C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN, pooling
together massive data from the event. It brings together more than 1,000 well-known brands from 13 countries around the world and has an exhibition area of roughly 60,000 square meters. This leading exhibition attracts over 30,000 professional buyers from electronic optics, automotive care, printing and packaging, hardware and home appliances, architectural decoration and other fields from all over the world and also provides them with an excellent experience and enormous benefits through the high-quality business matchmaking service delivered by the organizer. Whether you’re a company executive wanting to promote your corporate brand, or a manufacturing enterprise hoping to expand domestic and foreign trade cooperation, FILM & TAPE is the perfect platform to show the
strength of your business, as well as carry out exchange, cooperation and trade negotiations! Whether you’re a company executive wanting to promote your corporate brand, or a manufacturing enterprise hoping to expand domestic and foreign trade cooperation, FILM & TAPE will be a perfect platform to show your business strength and carry out exchange, cooperation and trade negotiations!

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