Date : Sep 19, 2017 - Sep 21, 2017
Opening Hours : 09:30-17:00
Venue : China import and export fair complex,Guangzhou
Location Address :
Country : China
Organizer : Shanghai golden commercial co.,ltd
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Major Exhibits :

• Aquatic products: fresh seafood, frozen seafood, value-added product, branded product, "Tie Brand" product
• Service and organization of aquatic products: quality control, financial, trade groups, industries computer and information system
• Side product of aquatic product: accessories, béchamel, dressing, bread crumbs
• Equipment of aquatic product: processing machines, refrigerated equipments
• Packaging of aquatic product: aquatic product transportation, storage and packing equipment

Introduction :

We are pleased to write you that 2017 China seafood festival will he held in.2017 which will
Guangzhou,China on 19-21st Sept be hosted by GAA and CIQA

During the exhibition time,International Seafood Safety and Quality Control Summit 2017 will be held as well.
below issues will be Analysed .

1. Analysis of< Law of people's Republic of China on Animal and Plant Quarantine>
2. Analysis of< Law of the People's Republic of China on Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products>
3. Safety Supervision Requirement of Aquatic Product Exported to China
4. Analysis of Decree 135th and No.183rd
5. Analysis of Designated Ports for Aquatic Product in China
6. Inspection and Quarantine Supervision on Import& Export Fodder and Raw Material
7. Management Method on Aquatic Product OF Different Exclusive Countries
8. Export Situation and Countermeasure of Aquatic Product in China
9. Risk Monitoring of Animal Derived Food in EU
10. Review and Expectation on Security Situation of Imported Aquatic Product
11. Suggestion on Aquatic Animal Epidemic Prevention and Control System, Fishery drugs Residue Monitoring System
12. Analysis of Risk Monitoring of Circulation and Epidemic Prevention in Fresh Food E-commercial
13. Circulation and Processing Requirement of Aquatic Product in China
14 .Transportation and Safety Traceability System of Aquatic Product in China

R+T Asia 2017

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