SMM 2018: Green Shipping Makes Headway
Mar 20, 2018

Bringing effective ballast water management and a lower sulphur limit for ship fuels, new, stricter environmental regulations are forcing the shipping industry to take action. At SMM 2018, exhibitors will present future-proof technologies. At the concurrent environmental conference Global Maritime Environmental Congress (gmec), experts will discuss challenges and opportunities facing the industry. A new theme route will guide fair visitors to cruise-related exhibition highlights.

Hamburg, 20/03/2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- The countdown is on: The new 0.5 per cent sulphur limit for ship fuels will take effect on 1 January 2020. “There is no turning back. The lower sulphur limit will have a significant positive impact on the environment and on human health, especially for people living in port cities and coastal regions,” said IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim on occasion of the meeting of the IMO’s Sub-committee on Pollution Prevention and Response in early February. LNG is one possible way to comply with this regulation: According to the SMM Maritime Industry Report (MIR), as many as 44 per cent of shipowners are considering liquefied natural gas propulsion for their newbuilds. At SMM 2018, the leading international maritime trade fair in Hamburg, industry stakeholders will be able to discuss other compliance options, as well.

LNG a clean alternative

Around the world shipowners are facing the challenge of having to make far-reaching decisions: Will low-sulphur fuel be available in sufficient quantities at reasonable prices? Are exhaust gas scrubbers a smart investment? Or would it be better to opt for LNG right away? Questions like these will be discussed at the Global Maritime Environmental Congress (gmec) which is held on 5 September as part of the SMM conference programme. Speakers such as Katharine Palmer, Global Sustainability Manager at the classification society Lloyd’s Register, will advise the industry on how to best comply with current regulations and prepare for future ones. In exhibition hall A5, which will be dedicated to the Green Propulsion theme with a special focus on LNG, decision-makers will be able to meet up with experts to get advice and study technical solutions hands-on.

As for ballast water management (BWM), the IMO is granting shipowners a transitional period before they must comply fully. Meanwhile the industry is working full speed on implementing the BWM Convention which took effect in 2017. This necessitates investments in the order of billions. In a study of the global ballast water management market between now and the year 2026, the US market research firm Stratistics MRC forecasts a growth rate of nearly 40 per cent – per year.

Understanding which types of BWM system are suitable for a specific ship type, and which of these systems meet both the IMO rules and the stricter requirements of the US Coast Guard is challenging. A gmec expert panel including Debra DiCianna of the US consulting firm Choice Ballast Systems, Tim Wilkins, Environment Director at Intertanko, the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners, Stamatis Fradelos, Principal Engineer, Operational Environmental Performance (OEP) Team, ABS and others will provide valuable insights. SMM visitors will be able to familiarise themselves first-hand with the technologies offered by relevant manufacturers from around the world. “Numerous manufacturers are reporting record numbers of incoming orders,” says Claus Ulrich Selbach, Business Unit Director – Maritime and Technology Fairs & Exhibitions at Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH.

This year’s fair will again feature various theme-based routes to help visitors find the exhibition highlights they are looking for. “We have added a Cruise & Ferry Route to our programme,” says Selbach. “From the engine room to the bridge through to passenger cabins, this route spreads out the entire value chain before our visitors.”

Cruise industry: Pioneering sustainability

When it comes to eco-friendly ship operation, the cruise industry is one step ahead of most other shipping segments, not only in response to increased environmental awareness among passengers but also because the many highly sensitive waters visited by these ships must be protected. It is the segment’s explicit goal to minimise the effects of every trip on the marine environment and on coastal regions. Here again, LNG ship fuel plays a key role. For example, AIDA Cruises ordered their third LNG-ready cruise vessel from Meyer Werft just a few weeks ago. The Japanese NGO Peace Boat’s Ecoship concept likewise favours LNG power. Apart from its dual-fuel engine, the vessel will feature ten retractable, rigid sails doubling as photovoltaic panels as well as wind turbines, and an additional 6,000 square metres of on-deck solar panels. Further information on what may will be the ‘greenest’ cruise ship yet will be available in Hall A5.

Under the chairmanship of Andreas Chrysostomou, acting Secretary General of the European chapter of CLIA, the Cruise Lines International Association, a gmec expert panel will focus on the cruise industry’s pioneering role in environment protection. The panel will include Bud Darr, Executive Vice President, Maritime Policy and Government Affairs at MSC Cruises; Lex Nijsen, Vice President and Head of Four-Stroke Marine, MAN Diesel & Turbo; Rolf Sandvik, CEO, The Fjords and Jan-Erik Rasanen, Head of New Technologies at the Finnish engineering firm Foreship, among other experts.

This year’s gmec conference will take place on 5 September. The conference team will again be supported by its cooperation partner Seatrade. “Once again we have been able to recruit some top-level experts from all around the world for SMM,” says Mary Bond, Managing Director Publishing and Content at Seatrade. “Attendees can expect a series of fascinating discussions and an array of innovative solutions that will make shipping
cleaner step by step.”

For further information about the green shipping conference please go to:

About SMM
The leading international maritime trade fair takes place in Hamburg every two years. More than 2.200 exhibitors and roughly 50,000 visitors are expected to attend the trade fair in the famous port city from 4 to 7 September 2018. SMM covers the entire maritime value chain, bringing together decision-makers from around the world and highlighting innovative technology.

Press contact: Nora Ebbinghaus, ph.: +49 40 3569 2445;

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Learn how to beat the competition at this year's StocExpo Europe
Mar 09, 2018

Rotterdam, Netherlands --( ASIA TODAY )-- In a backward market, times are always that bit tougher for the storage industry. Storing products is far less appealing to traders as utilisation and rental rates are squeezed. Terminal operators must be able to offer customers impeccable customer service as well as diversified capabilities in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Speakers at this year’s StocExpo Europe will get a chance to hear from a wide range of speakers to learn how and where opportunities for growth still exist, how they can use environmental pressures to their benefit and how to ensure their customers never look anywhere else.

Growth opportunities

Paulo Nery, Senior Director for EMEA Oil, at internationally recognised data and intelligence provider Genscape will open the event in Rotterdam on 20th March. Delegates can expect to hear how increased imports from the Baltics and Russia can lead to new opportunities.

As a result of rising competitive pressures, Europe has experienced a significant amount of refinery consolidation, meaning imports to the region need to increase. This leads to an upsurge in demand for import infrastructure, particularly at the ports. The Port of Antwerp is just one example where storage capacity is increasing, with the likes of Noord Natie, ITC Rubis and Ineos all expanding their facilities.


With new environmental regulations being implemented, along with the need to cater for a wider variety of renewable energy products, the storage sector has no choice but to adapt to meet these environmental challenges.
Expert speakers Onur Capan, Commercial Analytics Manager at VTTI and Cyril Widdershoven Senior Advisor for Geopolitics at Verocy will both look at how the IMO regulations will impact the storage sector and may actually provide a growth opportunity for terminal operators.

From January 2020, the maximum permissible sulphur limit in bunker fuels will drop from 3.5% to 0.5%, leading to a rise in demand for storage capacity for different fuel grades. Those terminals that are diversifying are going to gain the competitive edge - the facilities investing in high speed blending capabilities are going to be the ones that benefit from high throughputs and tank utilisation rates.

Cutting costs

Internet of Things (IoT) is the new buzzword at the moment, but what does it mean for storage?
Delegates will hear a case study from the Global Director of Digital Innovation at Vopak about how the world’s largest terminal operator is using IoT to improve its bottom line.
Vopak has been able to make an impressive 25% saving to its energy usage. It is also among the first in the industry to be able to predict anticipated future activities (i.e. heating, mixing etc) and their impact on energy

Security & safety

The addition of new instrumentation & automation adds an additional risk to the terminal – that of cyber criminals. Any attack on a storage terminal could have a devastating effect – to the environment, employee safety, the company’s profits – not to mention its reputation.

Ruud Timmermans, Automation Engineer at VTTI will explain how terminals can protect themselves. Speaking alongside cyber security expert Marcel Jutte, Managing Director of Hudson Cybertec, he will look at which security controls terminals need to urgently implement, as well as how to train employees effectively.

Staying ahead

In between conference presentations delegates can take the opportunity to meet 200+ exhibitors and learn new technologies, new ideas & new practices to ensure they stay ahead of the game.

Storage is a seemingly stable business but there’s no place for complacency. A few years ago the terms drones, IoT & cyber security weren’t even present in a terminal operator’s vocabulary – now, they’re commonplace.

Competition is at its highest ever level, and those that aren’t moving forward will be the ones to lose out.

StocExpo Europe will be held in Rotterdam on 20-22nd March and full details can be found at

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Taiwan’s Golden Pin Design Award 2018 Opens International Call for Entries
Mar 08, 2018

Taipei, TAIWAN --( ASIA TODAY )-- The Golden Pin Design Award 2018 Call for Entries is now open. For the first time, the annual competition is open to companies from anywhere in the world. The deadline for entries is June 28, and early bird entrants can benefit from a discounted registration fee before April 30.

Follow this link to the official Golden Pin Design Award website for Registration Guidelines.

This is the 38th year of the Golden Pin Design Award. Over the past 37 years, the award has built a reputation as the authority on design in the Chinese-speaking world, only opening to international entrants in 2014. The award specializes in huaren design — design for and within the Chinese-speaking community.

The global huaren community is the world’s largest diaspora and around 1.2 billion people, which is 16 percent of the world’s population, speak Chinese as a first language (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 2012). The Golden Pin Design Award offers a chance for international companies to share their greatest designs with the huaren community, both in the Greater China region and worldwide.

What’s new in 2018?
Previously, entrants needed to be a registered company in a Chinese-speaking country or region in order to participate. This year, the Golden Pin Design Award encourages more international companies to take part by opening the annual competition to companies from anywhere in the world. Between 2014 and 2017, the number of participating countries and regions rose from 8 to a total of 14. Last year saw winning entries from OCULUS GmbH (Germany), Eppendorf AG (Germany), Sha Design (USA), LAANK (Singapore), Art-Zoo (Singapore), and Hirota Glass Company (Japan).

Integration design
This year, the Golden Pin Design Award introduces a new category — Integration design. The reason for this new category is the award committee’s observation of a growing trend in design that integrates multiple disciplines. Integration design includes design practices related to Professional curation, Ambient experience, Service design, Social design, Non-profit design, Urban planning, Solution design, and others.

Best Design winner from 2017, ‘UPTO 3742 | TOP OF THE RIDGE’ is representative of the new Integration design category; a Samsung virtual reality exhibition that transports visitors into the high mountains of Taiwan; its creator, InFormat Design Curating pushes the boundaries of design in curating experiential exhibitions.

Communication design
Golden Pin Design Award introduces another new category this year — Communication design, consolidating the established categories of Visual Communication design and Packaging design. Communication design includes design practices related to Corporate and brand identity, Publications, Packaging, Posters, Font design, Animation, Advertisement, Online and interface design, Applications, and others.

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Operational excellence and safety continue to be a key driver in oil and gas sector
Mar 05, 2018

5 March 2018, Bahrain --( ASIA TODAY )-- Operational efficiency and safety are of paramount importance for companies across all sectors. Only when organisations decide to build long-term stability and sustainability into their operational strategies and invest into safety culture that focuses on reliability, workforce competence and operational readiness, will they be equipped to weather the downturns and capitalize on upswings in a measured and profitable way.

With these challenges in mind, key players are meeting in Bahrain at two of the region’s leading events, OPEX MENA and the Gulf Safety Forum, organised under the Patronage of H.E. Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Minister of Oil, co-hosted by the National Oil & Gas Authority (NOGA) and with Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) as principal sponsor.

On the 26th and 27th March, participants will discuss best practices for creating competitive advantage and maximizing profitability of their assets. This is the fifth edition of the OPEX MENA conference and includes presentations by leading operators Bapco, Petro Rabigh, S-Chem, Saudi Aramco, Sipchem, Satorp and Tasnee as well as cutting-edge consultants and service providers such as DuPont Sustainable Solutions, Honeywell, Solomon Associates, Dekra, Schneider Electric and Wood.

Solomon Associates, who are holding a workshop at OPEX MENA, believe that as the world becomes a global marketplace, market forces will lead to a unprecedented focus on controllable costs and this will require a change in philosophy. “Successful companies will be prepared for change management and the remainder will try to react. Investment in maximization of value through effective use of management systems and reliability agendas will grow substantially” says Kevin McQuillan, Senior consultant at Solomon Associates. Alan Izzard, Managing Partner of the Procyon Group, adds that there are many facets to Operational Excellence and some companies focus only on what they view as their key areas. “In reality, a business is an integrated system and ALL parts need to work at the highest level of performance if OE is to be achieved. OE is not a short-term project, it is a journey that requires clarity of direction and a permanent culture change to be successful” said Mr Izzard.

On 28th and 29th March, representatives from diverse industry sectors including oil, gas, petrochemicals, construction and manufacturing will gather at the Gulf Safety Forum to discuss strategies for continuous improvement of safety procedures as well as share successful case studies and roadmaps towards achieving the goal of zero accidents. Phillip Townsend Associates will be participating Gulf Safety Forum once again and present on a topic that they believe is of the utmost importance - the Process Safety Benchmark program developed jointly with the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) technology alliance of American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). Mark Eggleston, PTAI Director of Middle East & Europe, stresses that the Process Safety Benchmark helps companies understand how well they are implementing industry guidelines on Process Safety. Results can help participants target and prioritize areas of needed improvement. The forum will also cover Regulatory Environment & Safety Standards, Workforce competence and Behavioral Safety amongst other important subjects.

The events will provide opportunities for one-to-one discussion with leading experts thus providing a platform for gaining and sharing knowledge related to improving operational efficiency and safety, both at leadership level and in manufacturing operations.

For more information about the conferences, please or contact the organiser directly at


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3rd DIAC and 13th IECM Conference and Exhibition Kicks off Today
Mar 05, 2018

Dubai – United Arab Emirates, 5 March 2018: Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the 3rd edition of Dubai International Ambulance Conference and 13th edition of International Emergency and Catastrophe Management Conference and Exhibition (IECM) started at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre today.

This year, a number of key trending topics in emergency and pre-hospital care were discussed as part of DIAC’s conference agenda, including emergency medical care, pre-hospital care, innovative methods of treatment in emergency situations, use of Artificial Intelligence in the emergency sector and training and equipping paramedics employed in emergency departments to make Dubai, a key global hub for technology services by 2030.

Over the 3 days, DIAC and IECM will witness the participation of 72 companies from 42 countries from the region and abroad and attract over 5000 visitors and participants while also play host to 96 world renowned speakers in the humanitarian field.

On his part, H.E. Khalifa Hassan Al Darrai Executive Director, DCAS, said, “Following the success of the two previous editions of the Dubai International Ambulance Conference, the aim of DIAC this year is to highlight the evolving role of emergency medical personnel in protecting the community against accidents and major risks, while also emphasizing the importance of supporting the emergency teams with new technologies and equipment, that are helpful in saving lives at the pre-hospital level.”

He added, “DIAC and IECM 2018 comes at a time when we are commemorating the 100th anniversary of our late founding father Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and celebrating this year as the ‘Year of Zayed’, to mark his unique contribution in UAE’s excellence in medical, cultural, economic, humanitarian and social fields. In addition, DIAC and IECM offer us an opportunity to help Dubai’s efforts at hosting Expo 2020 while also training and equipping its staff with well-qualified medical teams and modern equipment in order to ensure the safety of visitors and participants.”

On his part, Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Executive Chairman of IECM & DIAC, said, "This year, we have designed a rich agenda for both DIAC and IECM, which includes a number of key trending topics in emergency and pre-hospital care and we hope this will help in improving the knowledge of disaster management professionals. We are likewise confident that DIAC and IECM will help provide an opportunity to paramedics and emergency professionals to meet prominent speakers and specialists representing the public and private sector.”

He added, “On the other hand, the DIAC and IECM exhibitions, running parallel to their respective conferences, will offer exhibiting companies an opportunity to interact with emergency responders and ambulance service providers and develop a clearer understanding about their unique work requirements on the field.”

DIAC and IECM, running until the 7th of March, is organized by INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions – a member of INDEX Holding, and is supported by Dubai Police, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, and the Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine, and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs - Dubai.

-End -

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TAITRA leads 13 startups to World Mobile Congress
Mar 03, 2018

In a show of Taiwan’s burgeoning startup scene, TAITRA Vice Chairman Liu Shih-Chung led a group of 13 Taiwanese startup companies to attend and demonstrate their innovations at the Four Years from Now (4YFN) exhibit of the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Held from Feb. 26 to 28, 2018, 4YFN is a startup business platform of the world's largest mobile industry annual gathering, MWC. 4YFN enables startups, investors, corporations, and public institutions to discover, create, and launch new ventures together. An estimated 19,100 attendees, 600 startups, and 700 investors attended this year's 4YFN.

The Taiwanese startups also gave presentations during the “Taiwan Startup Demo Day” event, held by TAITRA, to show off their cutting edge solutions in the fields of smart home, cyber security, smart medical, chatbot, smart audio video and more.

Full list of the startups:
Robelf – Your Moving Monitor Guardian.
SpotCam – Smart Cloud Camera System for Everyone.
Smart Mike – Best partners with Selfies & YouTubers.
UGYM Sport – Portable Deep Tissue Sport Massager.
ArcRan iSecMaster – A powerful security platform for protecting your digital branches, mPOS systems and self-service stores.
BotPartner – You can control your home, including lights, temperature, appliances via Messenger by our chatbot, Louis Lin.
OysterX – Track and share your journey with a fun and easy app.
Renaisscent – A Customizable Smart Diffuser let you control your space’s ambiance right from your phone.
Weeview – The Next Revolution In 3D AR Storytelling.
Vitalsigns – Construct Health Care Service At Home.
PacketX – Mobile Edge Computing(MEC) platform with the built-in security framework for IoT.
iXensor – A seamless in-vitro diagnostic test provider.

Blake Lin (

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Northeast China’s premier EXPO begins second year of operations
Mar 01, 2018

Shenyang, 28 February 2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- The Shenyang New World EXPO in Liaoning province’s capital city of Shenyang will cross over into its second year of operations tomorrow, March 1st. The inaugural second year event will be the 20th China Northeast International Dental Equipment & Affiliated Facilities Exhibition Symposium on Oral Health to be held March 16th to 19th, organized by Liaoning North Exhibition Co., Ltd.

The major exhibition to follow March 23rd to 25th, the 2018 Northeast China AD Exhibition & 25th Liaoning AD/Sign/LED Lighting Expo, is scheduled to utilize all of EXPO’s rental space totalling 28,000 square meters (sqm), organized by Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Following a successful soft opening period during 2017 including nine major attended by 1,729 exhibiting companies and over 220,000 visitors and guests, EXPO will begin its second year hosting three major recurrent events during March and April that were held in the same period in 2017.

Diane CHEN, EXPO’s General Manager said: “The success of EXPO’s initial exhibitions during the first year and the interest created by the exhibitors and visitors alike ensure the ongoing potential of EXPO’s future exhibition business. Additionally, regional and national conferences are finding the venue most attractive. Its central business district location, direct link to the city’s METRO underground system, over 6,700 hotel rooms within 3 METRO stations of the venue, and state of the art facilities make EXPO one of the most sought after exhibition and conference venues in northeast China.”

EXPO opened over a year prior to the adjacent elements of the total project it anchors. That project consists of over 1.4 million sqm of construction space including 2 adjoining hotels, northeast China’s largest retail shopping mall, 3 residential towers and two future office towers. With the exception of the office towers and one of the hotels, all project elements will be open by the end of 2018.

Accordingly, EXPO has been operating in an extended soft opening period to accommodate the completion of the massive project that is fully funded and operated by New World China Land in association with affiliated operating companies of the New World Group in Hong Kong.

Cliff Wallace, Chairman of Shenyang New World (Management) Ltd. states: I remain confident that EXPO is a model venue for China’s second tier exhibition markets and will make significant contributions to the growth of Northeast China’s exhibition and meeting industry.

Major upcoming exhibitions at EXPO during the period of March through June are:

2018 the 20th China Northeast International Dental Equipment & Affiliated Facilities Exhibition Symposium on Oral Health, March 16th to 19th 2018, by Liaoning North Exhibition Co., Ltd.

2018 Northeast Asia AD Exhibition & the 25th Liaoning AD / Sign / LED Lighting Expo, March 23rd to 25th 2018, by Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

2018 the 24th China Northeast International Building & Decoration Exhibition, March 29th to 31st 2018, by Liaoning North Exhibition Co., Ltd.

20th Public Security Exposition Northeast China, April 19th to 21st 2018, by Liaoning Great Wall Exhibition Co., Ltd.

The 3rd China (Shenyang) International Tea Industry Expo & Purple-clay Pottery, Chinaware, Tea Articles Exhibition, June 8th to 11th 2018, by Shenzhen Huajuchen Industry Co., Ltd.
Huaxia Furniture Show, June 16th to 18th 2018, by Shenyang Huamo Exhibition Co., Ltd.

For more information, please contact:

Cliff WALLACE - or
Diane CHEN -

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More than 50 companies in Offshore Arabia Conference & Exhibition, next week
Feb 21, 2018

Khamis Juma Buamim : “UAE is leading the region’s growth & development in the offshore sector”

Dubai – United Arab Emirates, 21 February 2018: Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, Offshore Arabia Conference & Exhibition, will be held from the 28th of February to the 1st of March, 2018 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, under the theme ‘Navigating the future and facing the challenges’.

Offshore Arabia, comes at a time when the growing uncertainty around the demand for oil and gas as well as the impact of disruption and pace of technology innovation, calls for a new approach to sustain the challenging offshore market. In order to overcome such key challenges in the industry, Offshore Arabia aims to put the spotlight on ‘Future Projects and Technologies’ while at the same time shows a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Over the 2 days, the event is set to witness the participation of 50 companies from 40 countries and expected to attract over 2,500 visitors and participants.

His Excellency Khamis Juma Buamim, Chairman Offshore Arabia 2018, said, “The Arab region has entered a new era with an increased investment in human capital, technology and innovation, and although the dramatic slowdown of 2015-2017 had an unexpected impact on businesses in the regional and global markets, the UAE and the GCC region was able to successfully overcome the challenges, owing to its robust business driven and fast paced innovative strategies. As the global demand for oil has risen from an estimated 1.3 million barrels per day to the present 1.6 million barrels per day, the UAE is accordingly leading the region’s growth and development in the offshore sector, with strong returns predicted this year as well.”

He added, “Offshore Arabia 2018 will be identifying a number of opportunities and challenges that will hopefully lay a solid foundation for fostering growth and investment in the GCC’s offshore industry, while also help restore lasting stability in the market. Offshore Arabia will provide strong in-depth analysis of the major shifts and trends in the industry while at the same time offer an insight into the challenges and uncertainties facing our industry and strategies to navigate through such transformation.”

From his side, Eng. Anas Al Madani, Vice-Chairman and Group CEO, INDEX Holding said: “We are keen through Offshore Arabia 2018 to bring together decision makers, industry professionals and leading companies in marine and maritime sector to discuss industry wide sustainability challenges, identify viable solutions and raise industry responsibility and awareness.”

“This is the time when our responsibility lies ahead of discussing today’s challenges, but identify the future ones and adapt to them in an innovative manner.”

During the 2-day Offshore Arabia Conference and Exhibition, a number of key trending topics in the Offshore Industry will be discussed by experts and leaders in the industry, while a number of scientific sessions and lectures will be held discussing various topics like ‘Marine & Maritime Industry – The Challenge’, ‘Oil Spill Prevention, Response & Protection of Marine Environment’, ‘Operational Excellence- Renewable Energy & Technologies’, ‘Global Issues & Environment’, ‘Innovative Technologies: Driving the Future of Oil and Gas and Security, Risk & Crisis Management’ amongst many others.

Running parallel to the conference, Offshore Arabia exhibition aims to strengthen cooperation and collaboration opportunities among international companies, who will showcase their latest advanced technologies in oil and gas and the marine and maritime sector. Offshore Arabia 2018 presents an excellent platform for networking, and exchange of knowledge and information between individuals and companies, which can lead to business opportunities and strategic partnerships between exhibitors and conference participants.

Offshore Arabia Conference and Exhibition will be running until the 1st of March, 2018, it is organized by INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions – a member of INDEX Holding and is supported by the UAE Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, DTCM, Dubai Council for Marine & Maritime Industry (DCMMI), Federal Transport Authority - Land & Maritime, Emirates Classification Society (TASNEEF), Emirates Maritime Arbitration Center (EMAC), International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF), World Ocean Council, and UAE Shipping Association amongst many others.


Suzan Mounzer
Public Relations & Social Media Manager
Tel: +971 45208888
Mob: +971 569070443

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11th OGWA-SPE Exhibition & Conference from March 26 to 28
Feb 19, 2018

Muscat, Oman, 19 February 2018 --( ASIA TODAY )- Amid the current oil situation, the oil and gas sector remains optimistic about the prospects and the sector’s continuous growth and development and what these opportunities represent for oil and gas companies.

On Monday, executives from biggest exhibitions and conferences organizer Omanexpo, along with a distinguished panel from the oil and gas sector addressed the media in a press conference for its 11th edition of Oil & Gas West Asia (OGWA) Exhibition and Conference held at the Grand Hyatt Muscat Hotel.

The panel included key industry individuals such as Dr. Sultan Al-Shidhani, Petroleum Engineering Manager of Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) and OGWA-SPE Technical Committee Chairman, Michelle Boyd, Director of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Middle East, North Africa and South Asia; Musallam Al Mandhari, CEO, Oman Society for Petroleum Services (OPAL), Shabib Al Maamari, Communication & External Affairs Manager, BP Oman, Murtaza Firoz, Executive Director, Vanguard Engineering & Oilfield Services, Hamza Qarooni, VP, Gulf Energy, along with Omanexpo general manager Nader Abbas.

Since its launch in 1998, the OGWA-SPE Exhibition and Conference has grown and known to become one of the most important and recognized oil and gas events in the region. In Oman, it has become the landmark event for the sector, playing a major role in helping boost government initiatives to open paths to viable alternatives to the current extraction and explorations techniques and technologies, provide a ready platform to present key projects and potential business and investment opportunities, and encourage trade.

The SPE EOR Conference, held alongside the OGWA exhibition, will feature a keynote panel session and an executive plenary session where distinguished industry leaders and

from the Ministry of Oil and Gas, Oman, will share their views of the industry’s successes and progress made in enhanced oil recovery in addition to enhancing the industry’s contributions to socio-economic developments. Technical sessions will cover the latest advances in chemical EOR, thermal EOR, miscible gas injection EOR and low salinity water flooding and much more.

Over the years, this event has become a hub for professionals from around the globe to meet in one place to share their experiences and discuss new technologies and advances in EOR.

This year, the exhibition will be held for the first time at the new Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre and will showcase over 300 companies representing 19 countries. Highlighting the exhibition are six country pavilions (China, Iran, Italy, India, Egypt and the SPE Technology Pavilion), and the ICV Riyada Pavilion, where with the support of Strategic Partner Business Gateways, it will present about 130 companies who will showcase their profiles at the Riyada JSRS e-marketplace and 10 stands at the exhibition.

The OGWA-SPE Exhibition & Conference 2018 will be held from 26-28 March and will be hosted under the auspices of the Ministry of Oil & Gas and supported by PDO and OPAL.

His Excellency Mohammad bin Al Zubair, Advisor to His Majesty for Economic Planning Affairs, will formally open the event.


Contact: Melissa Daleja
T: +968 24660122 l Mobile: +968 99471704

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IFFS 2018 Hands CARTE BLANCHE to Chantal Hamaide & ARRO Studio
Feb 15, 2018

Singapore, 15 February 2018 — In exactly 21 days, trade professionals from the furniture, interiors, industrial design, architecture, hospitality, and lifestyle industries will be treated to a spectacular multi-faceted experience at the International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS) 2018 and its co-located shows, the 35th ASEAN Furniture Show and NOOK Asia 2018, held from 8 - 11 March at the Singapore EXPO. This year, in an inaugural collaboration with design consultancy TANKE.LONDON/, IFFS will present the CARTE BLANCHE showcase, curated by Chantal Hamaide, with scenography by ARRO Studio.

Fresh Content Through Strategic Global Partnerships

Mr Ernie Koh, Chairman of IFFS Pte Ltd, said, “An integral part of our event’s vitality is in ensuring we deliver original content and exciting showcases to the audience. The team is always open to exploring new partnerships, and those familiar with IFFS may have noticed it’s very much a part of our DNA. We’re delighted to have TANKE.LONDON/ come on board this year, and I look forward to seeing the curator’s vision come alive at the exhibition.”

Located in the Piazza Hall, CARTE BLANCHE is an exclusive showcase of high-end, international brands presented in a creative and coherent manner. Comprising both renowned and emerging brands, this inaugural edition of CARTE BLANCHE will see Chantal Hamaide — founder of iconic French design magazine, Intramuros — team up with founders of ARRO Studio, Erik Arlen and Ludovic Roth, who will manage scenography and artistic direction.

Maiden Opportunity for ARRO Studio

Often remembered for their award-winning revamp of the Clarks Originals HQ in the UK, ARRO Studio is a creative, multi-disciplinary design agency based in Paris, with activities across the globe including the UK, USA, China, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, and Morocco.

CARTE BLANCHE marks two ‘firsts’ for ARRO Studio — first ever exhibition in Singapore and first collaboration with Hamaide. Commenting on their experience so far, Erik Arlen and Ludovic Roth expressed, “Indeed, we are particularly glad about this opportunity! The ‘Little Red Dot’ boasts a vibrant design scene, and its fast pace and cultural setting have attracted our attention for some time now, so we were delighted when IFFS approached us. Also, we are lucky to collaborate with Chantal Hamaide. It’s an honour for us, as she has always been passionate about putting design talents in the limelight, and it’s been a pleasure to work with her.”

18 Prominent Brands to be Featured

Revolving around the theme of ‘New Traditions’, this edition’s CARTE BLANCHE will feature an outstanding selection of brands — most of them never-before-seen — hailing from China, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore, and Spain. The participating brands hand-picked by the curator include:

  1. Bensimon (Maison & Gallery, France)
  2. Coédition (France)
  3. Colos (Italy)
  4. Designerbox (France)
  5. Elliptic Circle (Hong Kong)
  6. Grafunkt (Singapore)
  7. Maison Fragile (France)
  8. Maxdesign (Italy)
  9. Moustache (France)
  1. Petite Friture (France)
  2. Pierre Frey (France)
  3. Sammode (France)
  4. Sancal (Spain)
  5. Studio MVW (China)
  6. Studio GGSV x EGE (France x Denmark)
  7. Treku (Spain)
  8. Varian by Culture In (France)
  9. Versant Edition (France)

Sharing her thoughts on the eclectic ensemble of brands and items to be displayed, Hamaide declared, “In their diversity, all the selected pieces have something in common: a boundless creative streak and a tremendous amount of dedication, which each designer has put into the conception, unveiling some revered and specific know-hows. Beyond the trends and cultural expectations, this coherent body of work also evokes a dialogue between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. I believe this is the very dialogue that breathes meaning and strength into the global industry.”

Industry professionals keen on visiting IFFS to view the CARTE BLANCHE showcase, as well as other exciting and exclusive highlights, should pre-register before 23 February 2018 to enjoy free admission and to avoid waiting in line at the show.

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