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Since 1996, ASIA TODAY has been a global leader in online publishing and the distribution of news and multimedia content across a variety of media channels.

ASIA TODAY is world's Top 20 Asian News Websites, selected from thousands of Asian news websites and one of the most trending blogs in 2017-2018, according to search and social metrics.

The viewers of ASIA TODAY are from 147 countries or regions, and 1,200+ cities around the world.

Using effective marketing solutions and networks, ASIA TODAY enables event organizers, marketers, corporate communicators, PR & IR professionals and others to leverage content and engage with their key audiences in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

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  • Multi-channel news distribution
  • Marketing on mobile platforms
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  • e-Newsletter inclusion & features
  • Video production & distribution
  • Translation service for multiple languages
  • Offline media, media buying

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